The Tennessee Fisher House is fortunate to benefit from the time and talent of our local community, averaging over two thousand hours of volunteer activity per year.

Types of Volunteers:

  • Direct Service: volunteering to participate in approved programs and activities with and for the guests at the house under Tennessee Fisher House staff supervision.
  • Indirect Service: volunteering to act as a “public relations ambassador” to the community at large by informing friends and neighbors about our mission, our “home away from home” program as well as the role the community can play in assisting this program.

Ways to Volunteer:

Regularly Scheduled Volunteers
Volunteers adhering to a defined & scheduled time commitment


  • Providing routine administrative tasks to support the house manager
  • Doing inventory in the kitchen pantry
  • Organizing the refrigerator, pantries and storage areas
  • Shopping for basic supplies and re-stocking them

Occasional Volunteers
Volunteers who attend specific events or functions or are on-call for unexpected needs.


  • Hosting and providing a house meal for guests (our most popular volunteer activity)
  • holiday decorating/hosting/coordinating a theme day or special event
  • Grounds keeping and clean-up days;
  • Assisting with special functions on Veteran’s Day or fundraising events (through our local 501(c)(3) non-profit group, The Tennessee Fisher House Foundation.

Note: Most volunteer activities take place Monday through Friday between 9AM and 5PM, as these are the hours in which the Tennessee Fisher House is staffed. From time-to-time there may be exceptions for volunteer opportunities outside of these hours.

For inquiries about volunteering at the Tennessee Fisher House

Contact [namehere]