Eligibility Requirements

Who Is Eligible To Stay At The Tennessee Fisher House?

Guests of the Tennessee Fisher House must be a family member, friend or caregiver of either an Active Duty service member or Veteran.

The majority of our guests have a loved one who is a patient at the VA Medical Center Campus.  However, Veterans and/or Active Duty personnel may be eligible to stay if accompanied by a caregiver or if undergoing extended outpatient care. Some exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Please call the House Manager for more information.

Eligibility and Criteria for Guests:

  • Guests must live at least 50 miles away from the VA Medical Center Campus.
  • Guests must be visiting a Veteran or Active Duty Service member who is being hospitalized at the VA Medical Center Campus.
  • All guests must be medically stable and be able to care for themselves independently.
  • Guests must have a permanent address.
  • Rooms are assigned based on availability, yet some priority situations may exist.

Applying to Stay at the Tennessee Fisher House:

  • Please have your VA provider (Social Worker) place a consult in the Veteran’s or Service Member’s chart and a Fisher House staff member will contact you.
  • There is no charge to stay at the Fisher House.
  • There is no time limit on staying at the Fisher House.  Guests are welcome as long as their loved one is being hospitalized.  Check-out is expected on the day of the patient’s discharge.