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THE TENNESSEAN – Thursday, June 10, 2010

THE TENNESSEAN – June 10, 2010
Vets who travel for care may get free lodging
By Clay Carey
J. Calabresi has to drive two hours each way and spend an entire day going from one doctor’s appointment to the next when she needs treatment for injuries she suffered in Operation Desert Storm.

The Army veteran lives in Fort Oglethorpe, GA, but her doctors work at the Alvin C. York Medical Center, run by the Veterans Administration, in Murfreesboro.

Once a month, she sets up as many doctors’ visits as she can.
“I have to get five appointments in one day,” said Calabresi, 38. “It’s very stressful.”

It shouldn’t be that way, according to a community group raising money for a free boarding house for veterans seeking treatment at Middle Tennessee’s Veterans Administration hospitals. The Tennessee Fisher House would be built in Murfreesboro, giving temporary lodging to patients who have to travel there for care. Veterans’ family members also could stay there. Continue reading

Inaugural NAVY Ten Nautical Miler – Benefits Fisher House

The Inaugural Navy Ten Nautical Miler this past weekend was a success.  The CO told me that he was hoping to have about 250 runners for their first run.  (The Marine Marathon had 150 runners for it’s first run).  There were 440 runners at Millington and 19 runners who participated in Afghanistan the day before!!!  We don’t know how much money we will derive from this first ever Navy event yet.  They were not sure of just how much ‘profit’ there would be since it is their first time to attempt this, and there were expenses incurred which will not have to be expended again.  They will let me know when the final tally is done.  The Captain wanted so much to present me with a big check, not only in dollars, but just one of those big checks that you see pictures of in the newspaper.  I kept telling him that I understand that this first year, it may not be ‘big money’ nor a ‘big check’.  They were all so super nice, and kept thanking Keith and me for being there. Continue reading